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General Contracting

bullet Mechanical Piping - We are fully capable of fabricating and installing any mechanical piping system including but not limited to clamped joints, flange to flange and threaded connections.

bullet Process Piping - Our designers, pipe fitters and welders are capable of fabricating virtually any type of piping system one can dream up. We can weld a variety of metals such as: steel, aluminum, stainless steel (all series), C276 hastalloy, zirconium, alloy 20, fiberglass resin (FRP), pvc & cpvc, and teflon lined.

bullet Electrical - We can handle your electrical needs, including Site Utilities, Controls, Conduit, Power distribution, Instrumentation, Fiber optics, Data / communications.

bullet Rigging - On site or from site to site, we can handle the job.

bullet Structural Steel - We have the abilty to design and fabricate steel structures either prefabricated or built on site such as; Platforms, Buildings, Additions, Staircases, Equipment Standoffs, Vibration Isolating, Mezzanines, Platforms, Trade Shows Displays, Building Frontals.

bullet Engineering - Our team will come to your site and collect the crucial information needed to complete your job. We will engineering the drawings at our office for your approval.

bullet Millwrighting - We are able to haul, setup, and install any piece of equipment.

bullet Site Civil Services - Excavation, rebar, concrete, underground, trenching, concrete containment, concrete service pads, drainage, precast concrete installs, refurbishments, troughs (concrete, FRp, Stainless), Core drilling, Saw Cutting, resurfacing, Epoxy Coatings/ secondary containment, High performance aggregate filled epoxy floors.

bullet Petroleum and Natural gas

bullet Pressure Vessels